"By far the best!"

"Hannah is by far the best editor I've ever worked with. Her intuition and sensitivity led me away from some dark writing paths, and she helped me hone my first manuscript into something I felt really proud to attach my name to. Her attention to detail is outstanding, I can't believe some of the things she caught! My first novel went on to be a bestseller and was nominated best debut of 2014 by Suspense Magazine, and I credit Hannah with getting it to that level. I won't even send something to my publisher before Hannah has run her gimlet eye over it. I even dedicated my third novel to her, because I truly don't know where I'd be without her editing prowess."

- S.M. Freedman, author of The Faithful, Impact Winter, and the soon-to-be-released In the Silver Garden.

"She is Meticulous!"

"Hannah is a dream to work with! She provided editing services to the first two books of The Heartless Fey Series and I could not be happier with her work. She is meticulous at finding all the typos and grammar errors I missed in my edit passes as well as providing insights in how the overall writing could be improved. She points out plot inconsistencies, or when a character does something “out of character," or when a scene is just not working. Her feedback improved the quality of my books and saved me time. Hannah always gives feedback with tact and humor, giving me inspiration to get back to my writing rather than wasting time "licking editorial wounds." I would strongly recommend her for any editorial work you have, whether it be a fiction or non-fiction book."

- Veronica Richards, author of The Heartless Fey and  Heart Loss.


"Hannah has edited all six books in my Urban Fantasy series, and both books in my Cozy Mystery series, and will edit every other manuscript I write. I can’t imagine putting anything out there without her help. Although she is amazing at finding and correcting all of my grammar and punctuation errors, what makes Hannah exceptional is her insight into the story itself and how it’s written. She lets me know when a scene feels off, doesn’t fit, seems forced, or just isn’t up to snuff, and gives me ideas for how to fix it. And, I don’t think there’s ever been an instance where I didn’t agree with her whole-heartedly. She’s just that good."

- Andrea Domanski, author of  The Omega Group Series and co-author of the Regina Leigh series

"Everything I could ask for."

"I’ve paid many editors/proofreaders a lot of money just to have a few typos pointed out, so when I found Hannah, it was like everything I could ask for in an editor. I cannot stress this enough: She never makes me feel dumb for not knowing how to use commas, semi-colons, etc. Being educated in England in the 70’s, the punctuation rules were very different, and the very best thing is she always teaches about the rules, making them seem much more straightforward than the multitude of grammar websites (many of whom disagree). And she has such a great ear, she can edit every bit as well for the UK market as the US."

- Jacky Gray, Author of the Hengist and Bryant Rockwell series.

"Absolute attention to detail."

"Hannah raises questions about things which never entered my head – it’s as though she sees each story as a movie. Not only do you get all the integrity of setting/timelines and continuity advice that you would expect from an excellent editor, but she somehow manages to understand each character as well as I do. She will always tell me when a hero, villain, or even minor player is acting out of character. Genius!

Hannah’s breadth of knowledge about so many disparate genres is phenomenal – she’s equally at home with Fantasy, Romantic Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Contemporary Romance, and even non-fiction, although I suspect her heart is with YA. What you can be sure of is absolute attention to detail, intelligent suggestions (in the author’s own voice), and a dogged determination to polish every story until it shines."

- Rowanna Green, author of  The Hostage Series, Death Wishes, Triple Jeopardy, Young Men Gone West and Don't Stop Believing

"Respects your vision." 

"Entering the publishing world as a brand new author can be incredibly terrifying. Your words have been pulled from your soul and sadly, in the self-publishing world, there can be lots of people and companies advertising services that really are just looking to make a quick dollar off your inexperience. 

Hannah Sullivan not only cherishes your words, but her keen eye to detail and her love of the intricacies of grammar means she respects your vision as an author, but also carefully leads you to a much cleaner and solid manuscript. Whether you are a new author or well established, Hannah is the perfect editor for you. Mirrored Time is so much cleaner thanks to her, and it was a joy working with her."

 - JD Faulkner, author of Mirrored Time.


"You won't find a better editor."


"Hannah Sullivan is bar none best editor I’ve ever worked with—and that’s after several experiences in the traditional publishing world, a couple dozen betas, the works. She’s like an extension of my brain. She catches all the edits I would make if I reviewed the novel another sixty times. Even better, she also catches all the edits I would never see, because I don’t have her grasp of grammar or attention to detail. She understands complex character voices well enough to improve them, and most importantly, knows where to cut whole cloth. You won’t find a better editor."

- Clayton Lindemuth,  author of the Baer Creighton series and The Walnut on Devil's Elbow series.



“Hannah is not only a fantastic editor, but she’s an absolute joy to work with. She’s dedicated, prompt and has a keen eye for grammatical errors, word over-usage, plot holes or anything else that could stand a little (or a lot of) polishing. Perhaps the best part about working with Hannah is the way she passes along all suggested fixes in a really helpful and kind way that not only allows you to understand her reasoning, but also doesn’t make you feel like you should crawl into a hole and never write again (some of us writers are sensitive souls). I highly recommend Hannah to anyone looking for an editor.”

- H.P. Bayne, author of the Sullivan Gray series

“Doesn’t make you feel like you should crawl into a hole and never write again.”

“My go-to editor for all of my stories.”

“Hannah Sullivan is my go-to editor for all of my stories. She is always a pleasure to work with and extremely professional. Her careful and detailed work has made every one of my stories shine as bright as possible. I would confidently recommend her to all of my author friends who want their works to be in the best possible shape prior to publishing.”

- Patrick McNulty, author of Blood Singer and the Milo Jenkins: Monster Hunter series