A Lover of Words …

Hannah loves chocolate, her children, and her ability to run fast (which comes in handy when her first two loves are combined). She has always had an affinity for words. At an early age, she discovered words held power. They gave birth to new galaxies and conquered worlds. Through books, the depths of despair could grow to the height of ecstasy, while death could renew life like a phoenix born from the ashes.

An avid reader, she fell easily into writing and, from there came the love of editing. To be able to focus an author’s voice, clarify thoughts, catch the nit-picky details, and peel away unnecessary elements is an unequivocal joy. Books are little pieces of an author’s soul, and thus words should be treated with care, respect, and honesty. She is thrilled to be allowed into your head and to help you share your voice.